Saturday, October 31, 2009

One more task out of the way

I have a list of "things I gotta do. I not only "gotta do them," I gotta make sure I never have to do them again, or at least set up a system so that they are done in an organized fashion so they don't take unnecessary time and frustration.

At the moment I am copying off a bunch of paperwork from my dad's estate to send off to my sister. I was going to send it without making a copy and then thought "don't do that, Susan, or the gremlin will getcha." So the reason I'm blogging at all on this subject as I'm up here next to my old beater copy machine hoping the ink lasts for the fairly large pile of stuff. It's going to take awhile, and there's a computer sitting here, so hey, I may as well blog. If I've gotta be bored, so do you, if you wandered here!

Other things on the To Do list:

Get my sales taxes done
Close the Wildrun bank account and all other extraneous bank accounts in Tompkins County, since it's clear I won't be moving back there, and Wildrun's old incarnation is defunct.
FIND A NEW ACCOUNTANT. Anyone have any suggestions in the Owego/Binghamton area?
File for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status for Wildrun. Suggestions for a new name, anyone?
Get my sewing machine fixed. I can't make cat toys with a broken sewing machine!
Get my old laptop fixed.
Go through all my cat adoption/vet records, set up a better filing system
Set up an electronic email list of adopters/supporters
Start sending email announcements
Finish painting the cat facility
Fix the floor in the cat facility
Screen the front porch before Molly gets eaten by a coyote when she's clipped out.
Take photos of all the adoptables. Arthur and Faith aren't even on my pet list. wtf?
Buy a new camera. I have $300 in gift cards that aren't useable online, so I have to go to DEWITT to buy a camera. I guess it's time to go visit my sister in Syracuse.
Clean the downstairs of the barn in anticipation of the Open House.
Send spay/neuter certificates to my recent adopters
Wow, the more I add, the more I think of!

The desktop computer I am using was given to me by work when our company was sold to another company. I seldom work on it, because it has picked up this quirk. Any time I try to work in a new window, the cursor won't work unless I open the Task Manager and click on it. It has gotten so bad I keep the Task Manager open at all times at the bottom of the screen. How odd is that? So it needs its brain wiped, too, but right now the router, battery back up, etc. etc. are all tied into it, and I can't bring myself to mess with it. Once the old laptop is fixed, I will swap her in as the "brain computer" and send the desktop off to be fixed.

There is such a thing as "too many computers." But sure as anything, if I give one away, the one I keep will crash. It's like me having two old pickup trucks. If one dies, I can drive the other, until the day comes when I can afford another new vehicle.

That's the story of my life, and it's something I slowly need to fix. Nonetheless, as long as there are living creatures involved, it's a story of priorities. And while people may argue that "cats aren't that important," nonetheless, not feeding them or cleaning up after them will land you in jail.

So let's consider that important, OK?

Yes! I made it through this pile and the ink lasted. So it's off to the post office.


GD said...

Just stopping by to send you tons of hugs! You are doing a great job and everything is gonna come together for you and ease up on the work load!

Anonymous said...

Susan, you're amazing! I got an HP printer that copies and scans for just over $200. By scanning documents you can keep paperless files, not piles. And scanning only uses ink if you print.

Be well and happy,


Anonymous said...

Been checking your site for updates!! How are you doing???